Our Story

Armor Up Threads is a faith-based brand owned and operated by husband and wife.

We feel so unworthy of God's love and ALL that He continues to do for us, so it's easy to think that we can't serve. But believing the enemy's lies that our struggles cancels out our service to God, we are essentially believing that Jesus' blood was not enough to cover our sins and we REFUSE to believe or act as if it is so! We have fought and continue to fight many battles and in the midst of all that, we forget who we are actually fighting against - the enemy.

In seeking God for His purpose for our lives, God placed the message "ARMOR UP" in our hearts. Therefore, ARMOR UP THREADS was birthed in 2020. While it should have been a small break due to our move out of state, it went on longer than it should have. We are now here at the end of 2023, and A LOT has happened. While facing what seemed to be our biggest battles which rocked our family and our marriage, this message was ringing even louder in our hearts. To be able to withstand any schemes of the enemy, we have to be fully ready, fully ARMORED UP. While this is a message we want to share, this is ESPECIALLY a huge reminder for us and continues to be. 

Armor Up is a message that is so prevalent in today's world. So we bring to you a message that we hope will strengthen you and be a reminder that our battles are not with each other but against the enemy. We will continue to share the word as every word is relevant to this message.

Help us share God's word with the world!

God Bless Love You All!